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Walk / Run / Marathon

We all know the importance of being Active and the role it plays in our mental wellbeing, we are asking you to set yourself a challenge within your own ability to get active, it could be a run, a walk or a crawl. More infoRegister

Hike / Swim / Cycle

Due to current restrictions so many of our favourite yearly events have been postponed this year but being Active is not something we should put on hold. Why not join up with some friends and go to your local swimming spot, maybe cycle a route that you love or hike that trail that makes you FeelGood. More infoRegister

Digital Coffee Morning

While cafes are due to reopen in Ireland on June 29th, grabbing a coffee with a friend or relative might still be challenging. Why not virtually ‘buy’ your friend a coffee instead by arranging a video call and donating the cost of a coffee to Pieta? You could go one step further and take a screenshot of the call, post it on social media and nominate a friend to do the same. More infoRegister

Movie Night

Who doesn’t love watching a movie? While Netflix has provided us with hours of entertainment during lockdown with various shows, there’s nothing quite like a classic movie, so why not reconnect with friends and organise a FeelGood Movie night? With restrictions being eased, and small groups now allowed to meet indoors, it's the perfect excuse to get the gang round! More infoRegister


Yoga and FeelGood With Pieta go hand in hand, what better way to be Active and find the feeling than Yoga, whether you’re a beginner or a teacher there are options for every level. More infoRegister

Make the time to catch up with friends, spend time with family, or reconnect with your colleagues

FeelGood with Pieta 2020

Pieta are asking you to get involved in FeelGood with Pieta this year to help you connect, be active and feel good. Our nationwide initiative encourages individuals, companies, clubs, community groups and anyone who can to host a FeelGood event. Simply register online to receive everything you’ll need to get started.

FeelGood with Pieta is the perfect way to connect with family, friends, neighbours or colleagues by hosting an event such as a coffee morning either in person or digitally over a video call.

Getting active is vital for both our physical and mental health and through hosting a FeelGood with Pieta event those small steps could help you and those around you #feelgoodwithpieta

We all need to set some time aside to do the things that make us feelgood, it could be meditation, pampering yourself or a friend or simply having some great feel good food.

Or if you have a great idea for a feelgood event why not create your own and invite friends to take part.
While taking some small steps towards making yourself and those around you FeelGood you could also raise the funds that Pieta needs to keep our doors open and our services free, for everyone.

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