About Pieta

You are Pieta.

80% of the funding for all of Pieta’s lifesaving services comes from the kindness of people like you and events like FeelGood with Pieta.

With the help of supporters like you, Pieta provides FREE professional therapy to those engaging in self-harm, people with suicidal ideation or anyone who has been bereaved by suicide.

Pieta has 20 centres across Ireland with over 200 professional therapists and support staff, providing over 1,000 hours of free counselling every week to those affected by suicide and self-harm.  

Last year, Pieta’s 24/7 Crisis Helpline received over 70,000 calls and texts.

And demand for our services is still rising, especially among young people under the age of 18.

1/3 of all of Pieta’s clients are now under 18 years old.

Have you been affected by suicide?
Are you worried about a colleague or a friend?

If you – or one of your colleagues, friends or family members – have been affected by suicide or self-harm, we are here for you.

Our professional counsellors are standing by and ready to help

Please call 1800 247 247 at any time day or night. Or text HELP to 51444.

And remember, thanks to you, all of Pieta’s services are completely free of charge.

Why Feeling Good is Good for You.

Caring for yourself and others.

We all know we need to be better about minding our mental health, particularly as we emerge from periods of isolation and when our health and wellbeing routines may have been interrupted.

Getting active is one of the best ways of caring for mental health. Did you know that exercise actually releases a chemical called dopamine which dilutes the hormones caused by stress.

But with our increasingly demanding lives, bottomless in-boxes and digital distractions, putting this into practise can be daunting.

That's why FeelGood with Pieta is such a breath of fresh air.

By taking some simple steps to connect, be active and feel good, you can promote wellbeing, boost morale within your team, improve your physical and mental health and improve your quality of life.

And by taking part in FeelGood with Pieta, you'll also be sharing a truly memorable experience by sending a powerful message of hope and helping to provide lifesaving support to those affected by suicide and self-harm.

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