What is FeelGood with Pieta?

FeelGood with Pieta is a nationwide initiative encouraging individuals, companies, clubs, community groups and anyone who can, to host a FeelGood event. We have 3 main themes which our suggested events fall under - these are Connect, Be Active and Feel Good.

I would like to host an event, but the type of event I had in mind isn't on your website. What should I do?

If you have a fun and creative idea on how to make yourself and others feel good, you can very easily create your own event. On the homepage, next to the 3 themes, there is a Create Your Own option. 

I'd like to donate, but unfortunately I cannot host an event. What should I do?

You can donate directly to FeelGood on the homepage, by clicking the orange "Donate" button in the top right hand corner of the page. Thank you so much for supporting our campaign.

I'd like to donate to my own page - can I do this?

Yes - when you register your event you will be given the option to 'kickstart' your fundraising page. You can donate at this point, or if you have already set up your page, you can donate at any stage after you've registered.

My friend has set up a page - how do I donate to his/her page?

You can use the search function on the homepage by searching your friends event name in the "Find a Friend" search box.

I'd like to support this initiative, but I'm not in a position to donate myself. Can I still take part?

FeelGood with Pieta is about encouraging people to do something that makes them feel good. We understand that not everyone is in a position to donate and we do not want that to stop people getting involved in this campaign. You can still host an event and by sharing what you're doing on social media, you might even inspire somebody else to host their own event. 

Where will the raised funds raised from this initiative go to?

All funds raised through our FeelGood with Pieta campaign will go towards providing our free of charge, life saving services to those who are feeling suicidal, those who have been bereaved by suicide, and those who are self-harming. Please visit out "About" page to see the breakdown of the costs of some of these services.

Since I began working from home, I've felt disconnected from my work colleagues. Is there any way of creating team events to try and help us reconnect?

Absolutely! When you register your event, you can create a team and invite others to join in. Why not get some teams together and challenge each other to a digital relay race? If you have any problems with creating your team, please email us at info@feelgoodwithpieta.ie 

Best of luck!

I'm having difficulty creating my event - what should I do?

You can email info@feelgoodwithpieta.ie and we can help talk you through any problems you might be experiencing

I'd like to link my own fitness tracking software to my event. Can I do this?

Yes you can! If you have a FitBit or Strava account, you can link these up to your FeelGood event and take the hassel out of logging your activity. There is an option on your Dashboard to link these.

I plan on hosting a FeelGood event and I know people will bring cash to donate rather than online. How do I donate cash?

You can donate cash directly into our bank account. Our account details are 

Ulster Bank

Sort Code: 98-60-40

Account Number: 10374983

I'd like to host an event, but I cannot do this during the month of July. Can I still host a FeelGood event after this date?

Yes of course. If you would prefer to host your event after July, you can still do so.


FeelGood Poster

FeelGood Poster

FeelGood Fundraising Guidelines

FeelGood Fundraising Guidelines

FeelGood Invitation and Sponsor card

FeelGood Invitation and Sponsor card