Christmas Jumper Day For Pieta

Be Active: Walk / Run / Marathon (distance based)

I'm fundraising for Pieta

Hi everyone, you're so welcome to our Christmas Jumper Day for Pieta page, while you're here why not join us and get your school involved by hitting the "JOIN ME" button above. You can register for free and raise funds by asking all who take part to donate to your schools page or make an offline donation and add that to your schools full amount. 

We're on a mission to raise as much awareness and funds as possible by inviting schools across the country to join in our Christmas jumper day campaign, you can choose a day that works for you and your school, simply sign up and ask all taking part to donate to your page. your school will receive a participation certificate in the new year to show your support of Pieta. 

Go on... Join in... Support... And FeelGood...

Would really appreciate your support. 

FeelGood with Pieta is about taking small steps towards better mental health, while also raising the funds that Pieta need to keep their doors open and services free, for everyone. They provide therapeutic counseling services to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm.

Will you please support my efforts with a donation to Pieta? Every euro makes a BIG difference.

Thank you in advance. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Joe Burke